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Audi TT Club Haven Qattro

The place of the premiere could be better selected hardly. Not on any autofair, but at the legendary GTI meeting at the Austrian Wörthersee AUDI reveals a study on this weekend already again. , Where for meanwhile 26 years the full power friends of the cars made of wolf castle and Ingolstadt meet to the merry Angasen and are expected in this year more than 200,000 guests, those let all coverings fall and place Bavaria a TT on the stage, which into the Tuningszene fits like Hot Pants or the classical Voku Hila hair-style. All those, which regard the TT rather as a Schönling as for a sports car, want to obviously instruct the AUDI responsible persons with the HP-Event in Kärnten with the type “club haven Quattro” a better one.

“Purism on Premium level” reads the work title, under which the designers made the Roadster the Speedster and also still put so the last remainder down of the Bikini. Because a roof does not have this car no more, and of the windshield only a tiny, darkly sounded strip remains. Goods TT-drivers so far if necessary above without on the way, sit them now formally naked in the wind.

The open two-seater looks already at first sight tremendously bad: The powerful single Frame grill is stressed with crosswise presented aluminum props for the first time in the width. Four enormous, vergitterte cooling openings cover the air requirement of the engine, and under headlights now the LED lights of the day headlight gleam grimmig ahead. The club haven Quattro works trained. Finally put on the axles 20-Zöller, on which AUDI 265er drew tires up. The trace of the sportsman is therefore eight centimeters more broadly than with the normal TT and the wheel housings curves like the upper arms of a Bodybuilders after the last Anabolika syringe.

Only the most necessary - also in the engine compartment

At the same time the designers continued to simplify the silhouette of the car: The outside mirrors are clearly smaller, and there are not door handles any longer. No, one must climb nevertheless not as with a formula-1-car over the parapet wall in the cars, crowned by a circulating aluminum screen. Separate a pressure on the remote maintenance been sufficient, already play the Speedster “Sesam open you” and let the doors jump up. At the tail against it it may be again somewhat more: There the overroll bars were flattened, but but there are two windschnittige peaks on the useless covering box and far down two oval exhaust final pipes, how they strain otherwise only the S-models of the Ingolstädter against their backer. Automove news

Even under the hood maximum minimalism was announced. No concern, on achievement the developers did not do without. On the contrary, from the S3 well-known gasoline direct injecting he turbo things come to the Porsche killer in the so far strongest version no longer on only 260, but now 300 HP and have thereby always. Even if AUDI keeps the technical data of the engine still for itself. But drum around it works for the engine compartment of a modern car strangely empty and offenherzig. No dust cover prevents the deep view in the Dekolletee, and no Nebenaggregate moves the four-cylinder on the Pelle. Air conditioning system? Active charcoal filter? With so much admission of fresh air one can give oneself that obviously everything.

Bright aluminum and rumors of a small series

The interior is not completely so asketisch arranged. It smells also here rather after adrenalin as after the aniline of the Gerber. But on comfort the passengers must hardly do without - at least if they fit comfortably into the running bowls and at the broad belts of point of four do not push. Then they enjoy the view of a abgespecktes running cockpit with perpendicularly standing pointers, stroke the sport steering wheel with flat lower surface or the Schaltknauf in the quadrant from the sports car R8, and let the view curve over more bright aluminum than in every other AUDI.

The hand grips of the door, the steering wheel spokes and the footrests do not only gleam matt, but even the pedals were milled from it. In addition there is much black and somewhat oranges leather and as nice Gimmick a MP3-Spieler von Audis acoustic partner fears for & Olufssen, which fits directly into the middle nozzle of the ventilation and like a black diamond over the navigation system thront.

Still the club haven Quattro is a unique piece. But one thinks with AUDI hearing after seriously about the building a small series. The car might cost then clearly more than 50,000 euro. The idea of a TTS already geistert not in vain by the sheet forest for months. In addition the building of such a vehicle leaves itself - which the many hundred knitted sport exhibits show in the mountain idyl - hardly more to prevent. Because if AUDI does not make it, the Freaks among the mark friends makes it even.

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Car Stereo Buying Guide

Car Stereo Buying Guide I’ve seen a lot of people asking what kind of car stereo would best fit their ride and I have seen a lot of people get frustrated of their car stereo just because of following someone’s advice. Don’t let this happen to you. You can avoid the common mistakes done by a lot of people in choosing their car stereo by following the guidelines that I’m about to give you. You might say, “Okay Richard, is this a sales pitch?” not even close. The truth is that a lot of people are seeking advice from others not realizing that those people are not the best ones to ask about the matter and in turn could have a negative effect after having bought the car stereo. Commonly, they get frustrated. Let’s face it, some people love to give advice even if they don’t know anything or just a little about the matter.

So what should you do now?

Follow these guidelines and tips before purchasing a car stereo.

1. Decide on what type of car stereo you want, will it be a plain tuner, cassette player, CD player, DVD player, HDD stereo, car stereo with video, 1 ½ din player (GM/Chrysler Fit) or any combination of the above.

2. When you see someone with a nice car stereo or know someone who has a nice car stereo, try to ask them the brand and model of that car stereo unit, ask them about the good and bad things it has and ask them if they would recommend that kind of stereo but don’t buy just yet or you might end up like the one I was talking about above “Frustrated”.

3. After having a list of car stereo, go to a store and ask the salesperson for a demo. Pay close attention to what the salesperson is talking about so you could compare what he is saying with what the person you asked about the car stereo will tell you.

4. Listen carefully to the sound that the car stereo is producing. Take note if the sound has a loud bass, clear or if the feature can produce both sound. Some people like the sound of loud bass while some go for clarity. It’s just a matter of preference but personally, I’ll go with the one that could produce both a loud bass and a clear sound.

5. Inspect the feature of the car stereo if the quality of sound can be easily manipulated like the bass, mid and high frequency and check if the car stereo control is user friendly and driver friendly.

6. Inspect the specification if it will be compatible with the current speakers you have (if you have speakers already) or not. This is a better way than having to buy a new set of speakers if your speaker’s circuitry is damaged by the power of the stereo because some stereo are so powerful that it could easily damage speakers.

7. The technology of car stereos are evolving the way computers evolve so consider new features like iPOD, Bluetooth, GPS and such if you plan to attatch this devices into your car stereo. Not every car stereo out in the market is iPOD, Bluetooth and GPS ready. So choose wisely.

8. Take into consideration future enhancement and sound expansion. I mean like having expanded bass and separates for better sounds. Inspect whether the car stereo unit has expansion inputs and outputs. You might decide in the future to join a car sound set-up competition. ?…

9. Warranty. Check the warranty, the longer warranty period, the better.

10. Select a price range and eliminate those that does not fit in your list of car stereos. (consider all the guidelines above before eliminating some stereo from your list).

Having followed these guidelines, you should have a list car stereo that will match your expectation. Again, it’s just a matter of choice depending on your preferences and other factors to consider like the price.

Now for the sales pitch ? (kidding).

There are a lot of good car stereo brand out there too many to mention here some of the many brands are Alpine, Kenwood, Bose, Sony, Eclipse and Pioneer car stereo which has 2 kinds, the Pioneer Car Stereo and the Pioneer Premier Car Stereo.

Whichever you choose depends on you.

The bottomline is choose wisely so you can avoid getting frustrated and not end up spending more money.
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